Mixtape: Pride

Mixtape: Pride

Wednesday 11th March - Sunday 5th April

Self taught Southern Sappho.

Audrey Baldwin is an artist based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her practice incorporates performance, video, photography, and curation. She operates both inside and outside of the traditional gallery space, with an interest in creating shared experiences where the viewer becomes an active part of the work.

Bek Coogan, from Palmerston North, based in Karori, Wellington. Coogan was recently described by the Audio Foundation’s ( AK) “Nowhere Festival ‘ – as “ NZ’s first lady of Rock’ n’ Roll Yodelling and a veteran of counter culture.” Coogan likes to test what art is. Coogan’s long-term desire is to rupture individualist neo-liberal consciousness with one collective yodel. ( kind of like a Joyous Rock Opera ). Until then the yodel comes out the end of a vivid pen when hearing the call of the mystery solo. (Bands: Dog Tooth Violet, Cortina, Full Fucking Moon, Fantasing, The Gorge, Bog Wolf, Sheville, Oona Verse )

Cushla Donaldson is an Elam School of Fine Arts graduate, and gained an MFA from Goldsmiths College, London in 2007, supported by the Anne Reid scholarship from the University of Auckland. Donaldson’s practice exhibits both erudite technical exploration and rigorous conceptual journeys. She has become known for her witty and panoptic engagement with the gendered hierarchy of aesthetics and their various contemporary applications.

Tiffany is an amateur artist in her spare time outside of work. She mainly makes use of watercolours, and enjoys painting somewhat whimsical scenes with bright colours. She doesn't often use conventional canvases, rather preferring to paint on other media (rocks, plant pots, other people etc.).

Priscilla Howe is an artist and designer from Christchurch, NZ currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work predominantly focuses on the supernatural, theatrical and phenomenology in the everyday.

Aaron is an art clown currently based in Christchurch. Working predominantly in sculpture and performance, his practice looks at digital space and revolves around the notion of identity as a performance, looking at the slippages between physical and online identity through the lens of pop and contemporary culture. Past works include painting himself green, a glory hole installation and bejewelled condom earrings.

Queer Maori/Japanese artist who paints both canvas and face. Works in sexual health education and volunteers in the LGBTQIA+ community. Believes in diversity, freedom of expression and identity.

Through my practice I experiment with objects and materials which mimic the feelings of bodily sensations and play off the desire to touch. My works utilise movements between textures – soft and hard, glossy and matte – to draw on the colours and forms of natural and physical source material. I aim to acquire a sense of the familiar becoming strange, or alternatively, the strange becoming familiar, through acknowledgment of the underlying grotesque which I perceive as prominent in everyday life.

A young, up and coming artist from Christchurch, LeRoy works mainly in digital design and symmetry.

A river with no banks moving in an unknown direction at an indiscernible speed, underneath a starless sky.

Louie Zalk-Neale is a queer artist, costume designer and performer based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. They use drawing and painting as a way of visualising and designing costume garments. The timelessness of faded old paper and dark ink rightfully suggests that gender non-conformity and queerness have existed continuously throughout history, and will into the future. Louie transforms their drawings into wearable costumes, and performs in them, creating new logics to understand people's bodies – thinking of clothing, gender and movement. They aim to submerge the audience into their queer lived experience to demonstrate the potential freedom from society’s limiting structures.