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Annemieke is a painter, designer, sculptor and filmmaker currently residing in Christchurch, New Zealand. Montagne currently manages and curates Art Hole Gallery - located at 336 Saint Asaph street. Her work is expressive, often featuring unsettling textures and challenging subject matter. Much of her work stems from self reflection and the analysis of that insight, and so often has a commanding physical presence. Her compositions have been described as a halfway marker between Aubrey Beardsley’s decadent Art Nouveau prints and neo-expressionist George Baselitz’s paintings. Montagne’s recent exhibitions include groupshows ‘Contrast’ and ‘Gluttony’ at Next Gallery, a self titled solo show at Absolution, and a multi-medium project in collaboration with CoCA Gallery and other artists.

Jenna Ingram is also known as Jen_Heads and is the director of Fiksate Gallery. After graduating from Fine Arts in 2007, Jenna had several art studios in Christchurch and held a solo exhibition in 2010. She left the art world in search of herself through music and street art and through her iconic Jen Heads character, she found joy, passion and excitement within her creative force. One to watch. The beginning has only just begun.

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A graduate of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, Kerry Tunstall uses high voltage electricity to make his art. His work encompasses prints, photography, film, and art installments that actively use electricity. He has always had a strong interest in the electrical world, and sees his art as being representational of electricity in a scientific and artistic sense.

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Julia is a watercolour portrait artist based in Christchurch. Her love of film and media is the source of inspiration of her work. Her use of exaggerated colour and painterly application seeks to heighten the drama and emotion of the original source material.


Kara enjoys working with the detritus, ephemera and experience of urban space, recontextualising urban elements through craft, photography, painting and sculptural constructions, transforming the ordinary into the fascinating and beautiful. She likes to explore, document and reconsider the overlooked urban environment, the flux, decay and abandonment found within the cityscape. She attempts to recreate the irrelevant or mundane, celebrating the nostalgic value found within the urban landscape. With a degree in Landscape Architecture and a degree in Fine Arts, she likes to work in both two and three dimensions and has recently been pushing more into sculpture.

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Jason has been trained in Fine Arts and as an Engineering Surveyor, and all of his works feature aspects of mechanics, electronics, and sound. He majored in sculpture, but also practices other art forms, including film, photography, and collage. Jason mixes concepts of science and art to create pieces that explore texture, colour, and form, as well as a mechanical nature.

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Kate is a Design student focused on Illustration, at Ara. Her work is predominately influenced by anything ghoulish, gruesome and fem, taking inspiration from tattoos, dreams, music, record design, comics, poetry and animation.


Sam is a director, animator, illustrator, and stop motion specialist. In all formats, his work shows a whimsical and imaginative side, his animations and illustrations both using bright colours and strong line-work.

Irenie How recently finished an honours year at Ilam School of Fine Arts. Often making use of symbolism and an original glyph language, her work explores words and how language helps us see and be a part of the world around us. She likes colour, markers, books, and maximalist detail.

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Shannon is a Christchurch based artist whose practice draws loosely on the visual languages of anatomy, astronomy and cartography. Shannon has exhibited in solo and group shows internationally since 2001 and completed multiple international artist residencies with a focus on groups that orchestrate collaborations between artists and scientists.


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Gemma is a multidisciplinary artist who investigates the body and identity through intersectional feminism and queer theory. Her work includes performance, video, audio and printmaking. She is a member of Aotearoa based art collective/band Fantasing and has created music and art with acts such as Instant Fantasy, Fem Screm and Trimasterbate.

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