Based in Penny Lane Records, Catalogue continues the First Thursdays CHCH tradition of exhibiting new works on record covers.

Catalogue will host works on board, paper, card, and similar materials, by under-represented (not just emerging) artists.

The works will be for sale, with the intention of making art accessible and affordable to a broad audience. Alongside the original works will be prints and artist editions, which will form a back catalogue for sale as the space continues.

"Compilation brings together an array of practitioners from different backgrounds - there are Ilam graduates, freelance designers, illustrators, sculptors and recent graduates in the mix. It's a bit of a sampler of Christchurch makers. The parameters for the show are that all works will be the same dimensions - the same size as an LP sleeve. I'm expecting an eclectic mix of bright colours and techniques ranging from printmaking and painting to collage and electric mark-making." - Audrey Baldwin

Catalogue is a collaboration between Glitterbox Pursuits and Penny Lane Records, with the aim of bringing together the art and music scenes and creating more platforms for artists to show in. It acknowledges and celebrates the often symbiotic relationship between music and visual art. Catalogue joins established galleries such as Jonathan Smart, City Art Depot and Form in the Sydenham area.

The establishment of Catalogue follows on from a relationship built up over a number of First Thursdays CHCH events, where Dave and the crew were always very supportive and engaged with the event - hosting some fabulous gigs and exhibitions. Glitterbox Pursuits will be curating and producing the shows, with help with promotion from Tiffany and Lukas at Pennylane.


The Fermentist