When I'm Not Sleeping

Irenie How

Irenie is making her way towards a Master of Fine Arts at Ilam School of Fine Arts.

She is interested in language, technology, and perception — the way these shape our life experiences. Her practice utilises drawing, print, and publishing in order to facilitate seeing the world again. Part note-taking exercise, part visual assemblage, part alternative story-telling, she considers words and images we throw away, what happens when we change the context in which we view them, and the ways in which media influences our interpretation.

Irenie Makes Facebook

When I'm not sleeping explores language as the crossroads of music and art through the visual quotation of blues bar jam session sounds.

Referencing pop. symbolism, typography, scientific diagrams and psychedelia as counterpoints to this original experience, and examples of altered and altering perception, each work transports a familiar symbol into a new code.

The resulting intertextuality reimagines blues themes and melodies and plays with the possibilities inherent within the systems and symbolism of language.

Saturday 18 July
- Sunday 9th August 2020